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Zion Leadership

Zion Lutheran Church is proud to have a team of dedicated and passionate leaders and council members who are committed to serving our congregation. With their guidance, we are able to offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for all who join us.

Pastor: Scott Strachan

Church Council

President - Ed Juhl

Vice President - Stacy Lee

Treasurer - John & Teri Neil

Secretary - Jennifer Brandhorst

Marian Grover

Bill Gutknecht


Tammy Bern


Worship and Parish Life: 

Karen Wulf


Cindy Appleton
Molly Volding
Dresden Wulf

Sunday School Teachers: 

Cindy Appleton
Molly Volding
Fidei Whitehead

Confirmation Teacher:

Karen Wulf


Sandy Koch

Monica Laube

Julie Sorensen

Financial Secretary: 

Ed & Gayle Juhl

Finance Committee: 

Ed Juhl
Brad Ohrt
Marj Simpson

Cemetery Committee: 

Marilu Degener

Rod Degener

Lori Gutknecht

Memorial Fund Secretary 

Joanne Nicklaus

Praise Team

Tammy Bern

Lori Gutknecht

Whitney Laube

Julie Sorensen

Pastoral Support

Chairs: Sam Gutknecht & Jane Miller

Andy & Cindy Appleton

Allison Bergman

Jennifer Brandhorst

Pam Degener

Brad Dufel

Marian Grover

Bill Gutknecht

Jamie Miller

Jessi Noteboom

Molly Volding

Marissa Woomer

Dresden Wulf

Karen Wulf

Pastoral Evaluation Committee:

Jane Miller

Ben Volding

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